An Ode to New Beginnings

Sometimes life hits you like a bag of bricks. One moment you’re enjoying yourself, absolutely fine, cloaked in nonchalance and blind with indifference, and the next you’re seeing yourself from a totally different perspective — and it’s not what you expected. Or maybe it is what you expected, just uglier: You haven’t showered in days and you hate your job. You only have enough money in your wallet for a big mac. Speaking of big macs, you broke your diet. You have writers block. You’ve got empty canvases staring you in the face and absolutely zero ideas.
If you don’t like where you are in your life, at least rest easy that you aren’t alone. There are millions upon millions of people that aren’t happy with where they stand, or wish they could be doing something else, or wish they could be someone else. The problem is that people become paralyzed in their fear, their indifference, their modest comforts. They forget their inspiration, the spark that once drove them. And with growing older and trying to pave my way into the world as a 20-something, this is something I’ve noticed quite a bit in my peers, friends, family, even myself — we’re all human, and we’re all bound to experience feelings of yuckness more often than we’d like. And that’s okay. But what’s not okay is allowing it to take over. What’s not okay is staying stuck in a bad situation when you have everything in your power to make it better.
It saddens me to see so many people deny or silence their gifts. Whether it’s as simple as knowing how to bake the perfect cookie, or as thoughtful as giving honest and truly philosophical life advice, or knowing the importance of staying versatile and innovative in such a strange and ever-changing world, your gifts are important and valued. To put them on the back burner is a kind of self sabotage, no matter how demanding your 9-to-5 might be.
With all that said, I wanted to start this blog to celebrate my gifts, as well as yours, and to honor the process of unknowing. To live authentically and be comfortable with the only constant known as change. To embrace creativity and strive for quality in everything I do, and above all connect with others who do the same.  I hope you’ll join me, laugh with me, and learn with me.