July 23: New Moon in Leo

The Sun moved into Leo just yesterday (July 22), so happy birthday month to all the lions and lionesses out there! This Leo season in particular is filled with action and jump starts us to a season of change, beginning with today’s New Moon, which grows to a lunar eclipse in Leo/Aquarius, and ending with a solar eclipse that also happens to be a second New Moon in Leo towards the end of the month. Prepare for a heatwave of the stars so to speak, as we’re practically leaping into flames after being in emo Cancer for a month. Stay grounded and stay ready for what lies ahead.

If you are familiar with the phases of the moon, you already understand that the New Moon is a time for setting intentions and goals for the upcoming lunar cycle, and also a time for reflection; a clear lens to examine how far we’ve come from the last New Moon. It’s a time to give yourself that extra bit of solitary time to relax and unwind and ask yourself: “what am I doing right? what can I change? what do I want to manifest in my life? what can I let go of in order to bring forth something new?”

With this particular New Moon, there are several aspects and planets in Leo all struggling for the spotlight. Last lunar cycle, we were asked to process things very emotionally because we were dealing with watery, Cancerian energy, beckoning us to safety, to home, to Mother — but Leo is all about action! Leo is the warrior of the zodiac, the Kings and Queens of the jungle. We are experiencing a shift with this energy from a reclusive state into pure, outward expression of Self. Leo invites us to play the game of life with a bit more fun and flair. Leo always asks us to remain true to our path, true to our light. It’s that spark of light that reminds us to keep going and trust our process. It’s the child that lives within us all, flying kites in our daydreams and building sandcastles. This New Moon invites us back to realign with our inner child while standing proud and fearlessly within our own magic.

With the Sun/Moon/Mars in Leo trio squaring Uranus is Aries, this Call-of-the-Wild connection urges us to break out of our tired and comfortable routines and shake things up again, and to remain true and pave our way with vigor and confidence, trusting that what is meant to be ours will always be ours. There is a great shift ahead and this is only the beginning! Trust that you will meet that shift with peace of mind and courage.

Photo by Noah Grezlak on Unsplash

Some good questions to ask yourself around this New Moon are questions surrounding your self worth and true identity. The questions you ask at this time and the inner work that you put in will only aid in the determination of alignment to your personal best. If you struggle with the plague of comparison, recognize that your growth will never be the same as anyone else’s and that your path is unique to you. Stay calm and kind to yourself during this upcoming month of wild energy. Stay grounded by meditating with some citrine, carnelian, or garnet — all associated with Leo. Set intentions that align with honoring your Self and your direction, and remember Leo is urging us to bask in every aspect of ourselves that we’ve previously tried to hide — so recognize who you are. Act with trust, honor, and virtue, like the Lion himself, and have a blessed New Moon!